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USCIS Announces Final Fee Structure for Filing Application and Petition

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released a final rule to get published in the Federal Register related to the adjustment of the fees which is required to be paid for most of the immigration applications and petitions. The revised fee structure will be in effect from 23rd...

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News from Hong Kong

This past week an incident happened, in which a Chinese citizen had a Hong Kong SAR that is special Administrative Region passport was refused to enter in Bangkok and Thailand. The ImmD that is Honk Kong Residents Unit Department responded upon knowing the incident. The department immediately responded to ...

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Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection recent results show success

Today, a report has been published by Immigration and border protection showing good results in facilitating the movements of goods and people across the border. Also, the DIBP reports show a strong management of border to protect the community nearby. The DIBP reports are submitted on an annual basis, tod...

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Australia sets new policy for parents Visa

Immigration minister from Australia Mr. Peter Dutton has spoken after recommendation were made by the commission, he said that there would be policy changes for family visas. The fees for a family visa will also be increased recommended by the commission. A report has been published after the commission in...

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Express Entry for International Graduates

Those International students who have graduated recently from any Canadian university or college have good news. They can apply under Express Entry for the international graduate category. If you have graduated in the past two years from any university and any location in Canada. Then you are eligible to a...

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People from other countries require a visa to visit Canada

Policies have been changed by the Canadian government for visitors. Now visa is required for everybody unless exempt, anyone who wants to go to Canada will need a TRV before traveling to Canada. US and Canada are considered very close regarding their trade. But now even US permanent residents will have to ...

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New Zealand changes Residence Programed policy

New Zealand Government has announced that they will change the New Zealand program for the next two years. They range been lowered as a result to provide assistance to the immigrants who are already in process. The range will be 85000 to 95000 as compared to the last two years which was 90000 to 100000. Read More

New Zealand announced Visa changes for South African nationals

From November onwards this year, the South African tourist will need a visitor visa to visit New Zealand. This is important because in the recent past there has been an increase in a number of South African nationals who were not given entry at the New Zealand border. As compared to other countries the num...

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Good news from New Zealand for Mauritius and Seychelles nationals

New Zealand is a beautiful country, but also the welcoming nature of the people of New Zealand makes it more beautiful. This week the Government of New Zealand has announced that from November this year the citizen of Mauritius and Seychelles will not have to get a visitor visa to travel New Zealand. This ...

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New Zealand changes visa process center for family residence applications

It is now official that from 10 October, all the applications regarding family residence will be addressed from Auckland, New Zealand. Previously these applications were processed through London visa application center at the New Zealand London area office. The question that comes to your mind is what re t...

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